What happens when you wear a manik gemstone?

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The bodacious appearance and powerful metaphysical properties of MANIK gemstones release vitality and energy, also called RUBY.
The ocular impact and the aesthetic value, Manik is also a strong representative of the planet sun. In a person’s horoscope the sun represents authority, boldness, father, commanding, courage, power, dignity, kind-heartedness and ambition. When the position of the planet sun is not favoured in the horoscope or is affected by male planets is always recommended to wear Manik.
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It is a strong gemstone that can bring immense positivity and a good change in your life.
Manik or ruby is a naturally occurring gemstone from the mineral corundum family. It is chemically composed of iron, chromium, aluminum, and oxygen. It has Chromium that gives the beautiful natural pinkish to lush blood-red color to this gemstone. And its color is the most captivating feature of a ruby gemstone. Since the former time, warriors and royals have been attracted to the enigma and beauty of this gem.

What are the positive effects of Manik?
One original piece of Manik can provide you everything in your life. Here are some of the most prominent positive effects of Manik stone that can open opportunities for you.
Manik can bless the wearer with unbelievable authority, fame, name and respect in the society. Wearing of Manik shows a real boost in personality, increased self-confidence and less confusion and more vision to analyze things, not only this, but it brings good fortune, wealth, peace and happiness in life.

To overcome timidity and getting support from the state, administration and authority wearing Manik is very important. People working in the government sector usually wear Manik for the benefits of promotions and authority in administration in their working sector.

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